Mrs. Illinois International 2009

Kristin Melton


            Learning Facts And Changing Lives

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Kristin Melton, M.S. Ed., L.C.P.C., N.C.C., N.C.S.C.

Creator & Co-Author of

SMART Education

(Saving Marriages And Relationships Together)

What is Relationship Education?

Relationship Education is NOT just information about healthy relationships and domestic violence. It is a comprehensive approach to learning about how you behave in relationships and how others behave in a relationship with you.

We all have exposure to psychological concepts and are likely required to take some type of psychology class in high school or college. These classes skim the surface of behavioral interactions but usually do not directly help us decipher our behavior and that of others. Relationship Education is true application of psychology and behavioral concepts.

Why is there a need for Relationship Education?

Too many adults come to therapy when their relationships have gone wrong. Why should they have to wait until then before they get the help they need. It is common to teach relationship skills to each of these individuals at the beginning of their counseling journey. It makes sense to bring the teaching of these skills to a bigger audience -- mainly our teens -- so that they can begin practicing better relationships at a younger age. The more you practice choosing healthy people to be in your life, the better chance you have of having a successful, fulfilling life.

         What do teens have to say about Relationship Education?

Female - age 15:   "It's very informative and most teens don't realize that they put themselves into
                           unhealthy relationships."

Female - age 15:   "Thanks for coming. I really needed to learn about that. I've been in an abusive
                            relationship with a boy before and I didn't realize it until now."

Male - age 15:   "(Our presenter is) very nice, treats others with respect, honors others opinions, and
                         never has to raise her voice for anything."

Female - age 15:   "The classes have been awesome! I think a lot of us have learned a lot in the short
                            amount of time she had with us!"

Male - age 17:    "Keep doing this program and help people. Thank you!"

Male - age 16:    "I've learned so much good, helpful knowledge to help me find and stay in a healthy      

                        relationship. This program is excellent for anyone who needs help in relationships.