Mrs. Illinois International 2009

Kristin Melton

              Go Red for Women of the American Heart Association


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   As Mrs. Illinois, I am so proud to be able to promote my own platform, Relationship  Education, and the International Pageant platform, Go Red for Women. I encourage everyone to seek information about their heart health and I hope to bring awareness to the strong connection between both emotional well-being and physical well-being.  

 The connection between heart health and emotional health is a very amazing one. Knowing about your family history is an important part to keeping yourself healthy.  Go Red and the AHA promote the importance of knowing whether or not there is a continued history of heart problems that is generational. The same is true in keeping your relationships healthy. What has happened in a family generationally can be a predictor of how future relationships will develop. So often, so many warning signs can be ignored and dismissed. Together we can save lives and relationships.

Kristin Melton